Why Aveda

When choosing a hair salon, your first thoughts are, how will my hair turn out? Do I trust the stylist? Is the salon clean? When it comes to choosing salon, you can feel confident in your choice with PURE salon & spa for many reasons. Going beyond the experience and knowledge of our talented stylists, the Aveda brand and mission is something that everyone can appreciate. Aveda has a common goal of caring for the body, while also caring for the world around us. Through their holistic approach to natural beauty, their commitment to the environment, and giving back, it’s no mystery why Aveda salons have become so popular around the globe. Pure is proud to be an Aveda salon and support its mission. Keep reading to learn more about why we choose Aveda, and you should too! 

A Holistic Lifestyle Approach

When you walk into an Aveda salon, you automatically notice the aromas of nature and earth. Aveda believes that nature is the best beauty artist of all, and they strive to use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. They use plants and flowers to create products that deliver powerful results and beautiful colored hair. These hair products also help to reduce damage, improve the strength and condition of your hair, and add a gorgeous natural shine. They consider the effects of their products not only on the hair or skin, but also on the body, mind, and emotion. When using Aveda products or visiting a salon, the goal is to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed. Essentially, they promote natural healing. This holistic approach to caring for the mind and body is highly beneficial for anyone! 

Environmental Responsibility

From the ingredients used in the products to the manufacturing process, packaging, and beyond, Aveda fully commits to being an environmentally friendly brand. Since Aveda utilizes plant power to create its products, there are no harsh chemicals being released into the earth. It is also cruelty-free, with no testing on animals, ever. Additionally, their manufacturing plant in Minnesota uses wind power to offset the energy used. This means that all products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy, and it doesn’t stop there. Aveda also uses environmentally responsible packaging, using environmentally sound materials. In fact, they’re the first beauty company to combine PCR and bioplastic in a plastic tube! They also reduce the size, weight, and production for packaging when possible. Additionally, they challenge their packaging partners to meet these same standards. Aveda’s dedication to the environment is unmatched in the beauty industry.

Giving Back

Lastly, you can feel confident supporting Aveda Salons, knowing that their values go far beyond just great hair. Aveda cares about not just the environment, but also their employees and community. Did you know that Aveda houses over 100,000 bees, which are all managed by the University of Minnesota? Bee’s pollinate more than 75% of fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown in the US, making them highly important for the entire ecosystem. They also protect the homes of 21 endangered species, including the snow leopard and red panda. These are just a few of the many initiatives that Aveda participates in to give back!